Operational limits are: dynamics:  < 4 g altitude: < 18.000 m speed: < 515 m/s
The GNS3000 normally output GPS Data with 1Hz. You can configure the output frequency to 4Hz by using our lab firmware 1.3.1. Please visit to our support side https://www.gns-electronics.de/support-gns3000/  for downloading the "How to" and the firmware
The GNS 3000 is not using internal memory for logging data. If you want to log data you need an SD Card.
The internal battery of the GNS3000 is not changeable. Normally the battery has a very long lifetime. If you have an defect or the battery is broken you can send your device to our support. They will change the battery and your device will be resended within one week.
Notes on GNS3000 Power Management
The accuracy is 2.5m CEP SBAS/GPS/GNSS
Question: Hello, Do the GNS3000 switch off during logging after 15 min. not connected to Bluetooth and power ? Answer: During logging GNS3000 switch off the automatic power off system Automatic power off is only enabled under following conditions: a) no power connection and b) no active bluetooth connection and c) no active logging