TMC traffic service for your congestion free travel

Based on the GNS TMC hardware platform, we offer a wide range of use case specific hard- and software solutions. GNS is specialized in providing customized solutions and integration for individual requirements.

Our TMC integration packages are available for the following platforms:

  • Windows CE
  • Windows Desktop
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Various Real Time Operating Systems¬†


The hardware and software packages are plug and play compatible with FM tuners from SiLabs, Quintic, NXP TEAxxx, etc, as well as navigation software from NNG, Sygic, NDrive and many others.

Product Line-up

The GNS FM6A module is designed for easy PCB onboard integration of TMC functionallity in your PDA / embedded or mobile navigation equipment. It provides extended features on chip-sized PCB space requirements.

The GNS FM9 RDS TMC Adapter is an FM Receiver with RDS / TMC capability. The GNS FM9 extends navigation Systems with  TMC functionality. This will allow the Navigation System to use the TMC Signal for recalculation of the route to avoid traffic jams