NEWS: JAN/05/2023

Federal Minister for Digital and Transportation visits GNS Electronics GmbH at  CES in Las Vegas

After the very bumpy start at CES 2023 due to a lost suitcase, we were very happy about the visit of Minister Dr. Volker Wissing.  

NEWS: JAN/01/2023

State of the art triple-band GNSS base station NTRIP-X for high precision application

The high precision GNSS plug&play base station NTRIP-X® enables sub-centimeter level location accuracy with its multi-band, multi-constellation and high precision RTK (real-time kinematic) capabilities. The solution is a perfect choice for demanding high-precision navigation and positioning use-cases like precision agriculture, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and robotic lawn mowers. NTRIP-X® is compatible with RTK rovers supporting RTCM or NTRIP. The included accessories (antenna, cabling) provide an instant set-up and operation of the NTRIP-X® base station.

Additionally NTRIP-X® is plug&play compatible with community-powered GNSS reference station networks like onocoy.

Technical Data:

NTRIP-X can simultaneously track

BDS B1l/B2l/B3l/B1C/B2a/B2b

GPS L1/L2/L5


Galileo E1/E5a/E5b/E6

QZSS L1/L2/L5    and SBAS

NTRIP-X supports 1408 super channels and has built in an adaptive anti-jamming technology.

The positioning accuracy for RTK (RMS) is Horizontal: 0.8 cm + 1ppm and Vertical 1.5 cm + 1ppm

The Kit includes:

  • NTRIP-X Base Station
  • HARXON CSX627A antenna
  • 5m antenna cable
  • Wifi Antenna
  • USB-C Power cable
  • Magnet stand for the antenna


Preorder here : NTRIP-X preorder

NEWS: NOV/25/2022

GNS sucht Kaufmännischen Leiter  (m/w/d) 

Als Kaufmännische*r Leiter*in an unserem Standort in Würselen unterstützen Sie die GF im operativen Geschäft, in leitenden Angelegenheiten sowie bei der Zielerreichung und Weiterentwicklung. Sie steuern die Themenbereiche Finanzen, Personal und Projektmanagement. Sie verfügen
a) über  ausgeprägte betriebswirtschaftliche Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen mit dem Schwerpunkt Controlling / Finanz- und Rechnungswesen
b) ausgezeichnete kommunikative Fähig­keiten, Durch­set­zungs­vermögen und soziale Kompetenz

Teilzeit möglich

Bewerbungen bitte an an

NEWS: NOV/25/2022

GNS sucht Projektingenieure (m/w/d) 

GNS sucht Projektingenieure die  mit uns zusammen in die Welt der Verkehrsinformationstechnik für die Avionics eintauchen möchten. Sie werden ein gefördertes Forschungsprojekt mit der FH Aachen begleiten. Hierbei sind Fundamentale Kenntnisse Hardware und Bitschubserei von Vorteil.

Bewerbungen bitte an an

NEWS: NOV/24/2022

Visit us in Las Vegas on CES 2023

GNS will bring some brandnew developments into the desert
We will present the new NTRIP-X system on the CES 2023. With NTRIP-X GNS will show their first GNSS system with capability in the mm range. At first we will present our brandnew  NTRIP-X server. This NTRIP Server will possibly allow our customers to measure in the mm range.
NTRIP-X is plug and play compatible with the cummunity-powered ONOCOY GNSS reference station network. It enables the possibility to contribute to onocoy and earn rewards while operation NTRIP-X. NTRIP-X is made for permanetly operation and is low powered.
Secondly we will have a showcase of our new AHRS named SkyServer. SkyServer  provides wireless GPS and ADS-B information for Glascockpits and supports a lot of  Apps by using the GDL90 protocol.

NEWS: NOV/04/2022

GNS announces the availability of X-Ray imaging capability

Having X-ray imaging capability provides a powerful quality assurance . X-ray capacity enables us to examine BGA spheres, for example, with great precision. We can also use this powerful quality assurance and failure analysis system to analyze leadless packages, wire bonds, PTH via fills, solder joints, molded parts, lead frames, and much more in a circumferential and tilting pattern. This enables detailed analysis, thus ensuring process quality from lot to lot for our customers.
Students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Aachen University of Applied Sciences and RWTH can have their electronic developments checked by us free of charge and carry out an error analysis

NEWS: MAI/06/2022

GNS introduces a Versatile ADS-B receiver module for demand based signaling

Making new or existing avionics equipment smart is easy with the GNS5894P ADS-B receiver module. Whether you plan a smart illumination for smaller airfields or creating a smart obstruction light that only turns-on when an aircraft is in proximity or need a signal that warns pedestrians and vehicles crossing the runway when aircraft are approaching for take-off and landing - the GNS5894P is the perfect plug & play solution.
The preset feature mode takes away configuration complexity and is a great for most use cases. The only parameters to be set are height and radius for the geo fence.
For more advanced use cases the GNS5894P offers a multitude of configuration possibilities.
The GNS5894P can  added to the PCL, ARCAL, PAL system to control the lighting of an airport or airfield. It could help to convert easily manual controlled lighting into a smart version increasing the safety.

NEWS: APRIL/04/2022

Hallo Nachbar

das Besuchsprogramm "Hallo Nachbar!" ermöglicht spannende Einblicke in Unternehmen der Region Aachen
Gemeinsam mit der IHK sind wir Gastgeber des Industrie Dialogs und Sie erhalten eine exklusive Möglichkeit am 25.05.22 ab 16:00 Uhr einen Blick hinter die Kulissen zu werfen. Wer möchte darf in kleinen Gruppen an einer spannenden Führung durch unsere Produktionslinie teilnehmen. Dort werden mit einer Highspeed Bestückungslinie vollautomatisch GPS Module produziert. 
Die GNS ist mittlerweile in der TOP Ten der GPS Hersteller gelistet.
Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch !

NEWS: March/04/2022

Due to the current situation, we are discontinuing all deliveries and all support for our customers in Russia with immediate effect


NEWS: Oct/15/2021

Meet our team in Barcelona

GNS-Electronics will exhibit on MWC 2022, you are invited to visit us from 28.Feb. 2022 – 03.Mar. 2022.
We will present our newest ADS-B developments for in cabin designs. 

NEWS: Oct/15/2021

Visit us in Las Vegas on CES 2022  BOOTH: 51120-8


GNS-Electronics will exhibit on CES 2022, you are invited to visit us from 5. Jan. 2022 – Sa., 8. Jan. 2022. We will present our newest ADS-B developments like new antenna designs and low power receiver. Also we will present our new ADS-B Light (TM)

NEWS: Sep/24/2021

GNS is launching the brandnew 5851 AIS module

GNS-Electronics introduces the new GNS 5851 AIS receiver module for the maritime market.
The GNS 5851 is a highly sensitive single-channel receiver which can either be used stand-alone as a channel hopping receiver or as a chained pair to form a complete two channel solution depending on customer needs.
The module integrates a sensitive RF frontend, signal processing and a data decoder with standard NMEA AIS output via a UART that can be easily connected to a host processor. A secondary UART is provided for module chaining.

"our tests regarding power consumption and reception are very promising. We believe that we have developed one of the best AIS receiver in a very tiny form factor. For GNS adding maritim traffic modules in our portfolio is a logical step to fulfill the needs of our customer. We are now providing traffic modules and receiving technology for the road, avionics and maritim " Bernd Bierwisch CEO of GNS Electronics GmbH

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NEWS: Sep/06/2021

GNS presents a worldwide brand new antenna design to avoid ADS-B receiving problems caused by the polarization mismatching

the antenna design is optimized for receiving super slow and low flying air vehicles like helicopter or drones with low power transmitter. Extreme flight maneuvers in particular, such as very sharp turns, can only be poorly received with conventional rod antennas because ADS-B rod antennas are always vertically polarized. A serious risk of ADS-B data drop outs caused by Polarization mismatching can arises here. The antenna design is nearly independent regarding the polarization and prevents such kind of risk. The antenna can be mounted horizontal or vertical and the antenna can be used as a sector antenna by adding for example a larger groundplane. The antenna weighs only 68g, diameter 120mm (similar to a compact disc) and can be mounted directly on metal surfaces.

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NEWS: Aug/23/2021

GNS3000 new Firmware available

GNS3000 supports now GPS Exchange Format (GPX) The easiest way to import log files directly into Google Maps

Download here

NEWS: Jun/15/2021

Our HULC Radar Server is now online

News: Jan/29/2021

      GNS Electronics is now IPC member

producing better electronics has to be conform to worldwide standards. GNS Electronics is always improving the quality with the goal to produce products with a zero failure rate. Our EMS production team is ready for your challenge. The new modern production line (35.000 cph) is based near by Aachen, Germany. We are open to produce prototypes till high volumes in the 100k range. Send us your production files (Gerber) and ask for quote.

News: Oct/15/2020

      The brandnew GNS3000 is now in production and available in our shop ! 

The GNS3000 has a extra large patch antenna for generating extraordinary reception in regions where other GPS devices fail. With the new SD Card slot it is possible to reliably log GPS positions for up to 7 years on a 32GB memory card. The state of the art 99 channel GPS chip is able to receive GPS, Glonass and Galileo positioning data. This guarantee to receive GPS position data also in challenging environments like urban canyons, mountains or in forest. The outstanding battery operation time is up to 10 hours. The GNS3000 is Apple certified with fully compatibility for Apple devices. New features can be upgraded via Bluetooth connection. You can connect up to five Apple, Android devices or Notebooks simultanously via Bluetooth.

News: Oct/01/2020


In order to guarantee the highest quality, performance and quality we are happy to announce that we start production with our SMT production plant. The production is 100% powered by renewable energy.


News: May/26/2020


The brand-new GNS-70x0 GNSS module series is a pin compatible successor for our TC6000 GPS modules but added with Glonass, Galileo, Beidou and QZSS capability. The module is very inexpensive and our recommandation for high volume projects. Click to download the data sheet

The best value for money. If you have a high volume project don't forget to ask us for quote !

News: May/11/2020

GNS starts mass production of the GNS410sLP / GNS413sLP multimode GNSS module. The modules are our lowest power modules and they are optimised for example for battery powered IoT applications. Power consumption for the complete module  is only 22,5mW.  Click to download the data sheet