ADS-B Flight Information for Avionics

GNS ADS-B receiver, antenna and smart antenna technology are the industry proven state of the art solutions for various avionics use cases:

  • Virtual radar monitoring of aircraft
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • In flight infotainment systems
  • Avionic big data and AI applications
  • Demand based navigation light systems (e.g. wind power stations)

GNS ADS-B receivers are industry leading in low power consumption and receiving sensitivity. Proprietary signal processing algorithms enable best separation of received ADS-B frame messages as well as stable and long range reception. GPS input support provide nano second level timestamps and multilateration (MLAT) support.

Our ADS-B product range is the ideal choice for demanding applications with low power but high performance requirements.

Our mission is to support the digital transformation of the avionic industry.


TEN-90 PCB antenna SMA

Exactly trimmed and matched PCB antenna for 1090 MHz. Designed and manufactured in Germany. This narrow-band antenna is the ideal companion for ADS-B receivers. For best results please keep the antenna cable as short as possible. The antenna is not suited for outdoor use!

TEN-90 antenna SMA

Ten-90 PCB antenna enclosed in a robust IP65 water resistant housing

PCB ADS-B Smart Antenna HULC

The HULC PCB ADS-B smart antenna is plug & play compatible with the 40 pin extended GPIO header of most Raspberry Pi versions. Alternatively the smart antenna can be connected via USB to host computers. The component combines our state of the art ADS-B receiver technology with a highly tuned fully integrated ADS-B antenna. Best performance is reached when the Raspberry Pi is sufficiently shielded or at least half a meter away from the smart antenna.


The HULC DYI Kit combines the best of GNS ADS-B receiver technology with our state of art antenna solution. The results is a compact easy to setup ADS-B smart antenna that can be connected to any host featuring an USB port (supporting 3MBaud). HULC outputs ADS-B data in  AVR or HULC format for compatibility with all major ADS-B feeding clients. The smart antenna has an active amplified narrowband antenna design and uses two SAM filters for best reception results.

Due to the fully integrated cable- and connectorless design performance degradation caused by connector erosion and cable loss are over.

We are confident that HULC represents the best price / performance ratio for professional ADS-B feeding.


The ADS-B HAT for Raspberry Pi is the ideal solution to extend your Raspberry Pi with GNS ADS-B receiver technology. Simply connect the HAT over the Pi 40 Pin extension slot and you are ready to go.

The HAT is equipped with a SMA antenna connector

GNS 5894T

The GNS5894 ADS-B receiver module is the first choice for avionic applications that require high sensitivity and maximum reception range . The module is ideally suited for ADS-B feeding and other similar demanding applications. Industry leading reception sensitivity of up to -95 dBm, precise MLAT support and an unmatched power consumption of 70 mA make the GNS5894 the first choice for state of the art systems. The unique RF and amplifier design along with optimized firmware realize an up to ten times higher frame rate and double range than software defined radio (SDR) ADS-B solutions at only slightly higher cost.

GNS 5892R

The GNS5892R ADS-B receiver module is the solution of choice for a multitude of avionic applications. The module is successfully implemented in numerous avionic use cases like In Flight Entertainment (IFE) systems, smart unit load devices (ULD) or mobile pilot information systems.

A power consumption of only 40mA makes the GNS5892R module the ideal solution for power crtitical battery based systems. The sophisticated RF and amplifier design of the GNS5892R prevents the so called doughnut effect known from other ADS-B receivers. It is possbile to receive ADS-B data seamlessly from very close to far away aircraft with no blind spots in-between.

GNS 5892R is very cost effective. Please contact us for higher volume project quotes.

GNS 5892R Starter Kit

The GNS5892R starter kit provides everything to evaluate the GNS5892R ADS-B module. The kit contains a devkit with integrated GNS5892R module and our TEN-90 antenna along with a manual.

GNS 5894T Starter Kit

The GNS5894T starter kit provides everything to evaluate the GNS5894T ADS-B module. The kit contains a devkit with integrated GNS5894T module and our TEN-90 antenna along with a manual.