the actual firmwareversion is AXN5.18
die Loggingzeit ist intern fix auf 5 sek festgelegt.
Diese Einstellung ist nicht dafür vorgesehen, durch den Kunden verändert zu werden. 
HULC-M is tested and works fine withWINDOWS PC:a) Planeplotter Planeplotter b) Virtual Radar Server Virtual Radar Server c) adsbscope ADS-B ScopeMAC:a) Planefinder PlanefinderRaspberry: a) Planefinder Planefinderb) dump1090 should work but depends on the build you are using. Generally you need a Beast configuration over USB with 921600 baud
Hello,you can find the Windows logger Tool for GNS2000, GNS2000plus please go to Support & TrainingTab Product Resources and search 2000The System will list all files regarding the GNS2000 for downloadingregardsSupport GNS Electronics
Yes, you will have 3-5 % losses in range because of rain, fog or cloudy sky