is this the ideal ADS-B Antenna ?


today we can introduce our new ADS-B antenna. We believe that this antenna is our best antenna to date for receiving ADS-B. While conventional antennas are very broadband, we have succeeded in developing an extremely narrowband antenna with very good reception with the design presented here. This antenna is almost insensitive to interference frequencies and therefore ideally suited to receive ADS-B in difficult surroundings. In particular, the deliberate disturbance of ADS-B can be prevented by this antenna. Additional filtering which attenuates the signal can be omitted here and is not required. In addition, this antenna is very small and can be attached almost anywhere. Wind load, lightning protection and weight no longer play a role here during installation. Previous ADS-B patch antennas were very expensive and cost several thousand dollars. The solution presented here is inexpensive  and comes close to the ideal ADS-B antenna.

near perfect simulated S11 return loss

very good gain.


The antenna should be used where the reception of ADS-B data is critical.

Especially at airports or in security-relevant surroundings.

Thanks to the directional beam characteristics, overlapping frames can be safely decoded even in highly frequented areas

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