HULC-M ADS-B smart antenna


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The GNS HULC -M smart antenna with MLAT capability and integrated GNSS is the top-notch ABS-B feeding solution at unbeaten price / performance ratio. Reception sensitivity, framerate and range easily exceed competitive solutions at a fraction of system costs. HULC-M realizes this exceptional performance with a highly matched state of the art active antenna system combined with cable- and connector-less direct link to the ADS-B receiver module. The compact water and dust resistant housing facilitates continuous superior reception quality without weather caused degrading. The low power consumption makes HULC-M much more eco-friendly than any comparable solution. Thanks to the HULC-M design two SAW filters and the active antenna is integrated to get best performance regarding range and frame rate. integration HULC-M guarantees no more antenna connector-, cable and installation hassle. Due to the integrated GPS HULC-M is able to provide MLAT data Because of the USB Connector HULC-M is compatible with nearly any computer and allows an easy integration for example into feeder Software.

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Weight 134 g
Dimensions 225 × 44,1 × 44,1 mm