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Exact trimmed and 50 Ohm matched PATCH antenna for 1090 MHz.

  • Made in Germany
  • Precise 50 Ohm matching
  • Narrow-band antenna
  • minimum polarization loss factor (PLF)

This antenna is made for use with ADS-B Receivers for example mounted on Windmills (BKM systems), or for Airports to receive ADS-B data from shaded sectors

The antenna is designed for outdoor usage IP68  and features a TNC female connector. It can be mounted directly on a pole (add pole mount needed). The antenna is developed to avoid overlapping frames in regions with high air traffic and to have a deeper focused look into special sectors. Especially useful for redundancy operating systems or as back up. The mounting receptacle is a 5/8″ thread.

Rod antennas are sensitive to polarization and can completely lose reception. This antenna is insensitive to polarization effects without loss of range. Because of the extreme sharp narrow band this antenna is best in areas where a lot of transmitters with different frequencies are used. No additional filters are necessary.

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Weight 350 g
Dimensions 152 × 152 × 67,9 mm